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Image of Sylvie Peace Bag # 351
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Sylvie Peace Bag # 351

General Information:

The Sylvie Peace Bags are one of kind organic, uniquely shaped and designed bags. They vary size, shape, and design. Peace bags are uniquely fashionable bags that can be carried to the mall or to the symphony. Made of the same high quality leathers as all Luna Jaze bags, Peace bags are a fashionable way to carry your personals belongings; an integral leather pocket for your bills or cc, and hidden hook for your keys are added for your convenience, adorned with an antique buttons or beads. These bags look great and are one of a kind. Three % of the retail sales, from the peace bags are donated to an NPO aligned with peaceful initiatives, currently the donations go to the ASPCA.
All bags are serialized in order of manufacturing and made by hand with USA made parts.

Specific Information:

Peace Bag #351 is made of full thickness cowhide, gold color, buttery soft. The natural edges define the bag. It has a snap closure, interior pocket and a key hook.
7" wide x 8" high 50" cross over strap.

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Image of Sylvie Peace Bag # 351