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Image of Poney Bag # 77
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Poney Bag # 77

Poney Bags are a cross between the Neue Tote and the Peace Bag. The Poney X Bag features a unique layering effect, inspired by the leather hide, with compartments for personals, and utilizing a simple lining with the softest kidskin, which is accessible by the perfectly designed riri zipper. Each one is different; they are grand in size, unique in design and use only the very best full grain leather. All bags are serialized in order of manufacturing and made by hand. High quality parts made in the the USA. All of the natural beauty marks remain with the bag, and are considered part of the esthetic.

Poney Bag no. 77
An incredibly soft bag made of the softest italian leather. The bag has an overlap of the leather that makes 2 pockets one is the interior pocket accessed by a custom RIRI zipper, and the other is a large front pocket. It's a beautiful light weight leather bag.

14"wide x 17"high
23" strap

Define yourself by wearing a Luna Jaze bag...

Image of Poney Bag # 77
Image of Poney Bag # 77